National Nurse Competency Benchmark Index (NNCBI) uses data from an extensive database of online competency exams and behavior assessments to establish percentile-based benchmarks for nurse exam scores.

NNCBI's statistical analysis will provide employers with an objective measurement of how a given nurse's performance compares to that of nurses from across the nation during the previous year.

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Percentiles for Medical-Surgical based on 44701 exams completed.

National Percentile Scale:

NNCBI National Percentile Color Legend

NNCBI's rankings and the color scale on the above graphs are based on the percentile in which a nurse scores. For example, on the Medical/Surgical exam, a score of 91 is higher than 55% of the scores for that exam, so a nurse scoring a 91 is in the 55th percentile. Raw score combined with percentile placement gives an objective view of how a nurse has performed on the exam or assessment when compared with all nurses being similarly assessed across the nation.